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Cyber Defense Consulting

Stiennon works with senior executives and boards to evaluate an organization's cyber preparedness. Gaps in technology, people, and process are identified and roadmaps created to enable an enterprise to counter highly targeted attacks.

Advisory Services

IT-Harvest works with Wall Street Analysts, Private Equity Firms, Vendors, and  Venture Capitalists to identify market movers, inflection points, and emerging technology vendors. Follow Richard Stiennon on Gerson Lehrman Group's expert network for commentary on publicly traded security vendors.


IT-Harvest tracks over 1,200 security vendors and publishes' white papers and industry reports on trends and disruptive changes in the market. See our Security Analysts at conferences worldwide or follow the Cyber Domain blog on

There Will Be Cyberwar

The publication date for There Will Be Cyberwar: How the Move to Network-Centric Warfighting Has Set The Stage For Cyberwar is set!


It has been a long journey. After writing Surviving Cyberwar, the first history of nation state use of networks to project force, I realized it was time to indulge my love of military history and go back to school. Three years later I had earned an MA in War in the Modern World from King's College, London. The program was perfect in that it introduced me to many approaches to the study of war and challenged me to consider all aspects: social, economic, political, technical, legal, and strategic.

Along the way I lost my ability to churn out short form pieces, the kind needed for blog posts. Something about the rigor required and the knowledge that some very smart people would be reading my posts with a critical eye created bloggers-block.

For now, I am focused on long form writing, like white papers, and this piece at Cicero Magazine, which is essentially my Master's dissertation at King's. It is also a summary of my new book: There Will Be Cyberwar, due to go to press in mid May.

Stay tuned for updates on book launch events. The first is going to be in June on board an aircraft carrier. How appropriate is that?

2015 Video Series Kicks Off at RSAC April 20-23 in San Francisco

Once again IT-Harvest is convening a video recording master session at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. To date we have recorded over 130 interviews with key IT security industry executives. Founders, thought leaders, and CTOs sit down with the analyst and record an informative discussion on threats, solutions, and the industry. You can see past year's videos here.

To schedule your session contact [email protected]

IT Security Industry Has a New Adversary

First appeared in securitycurrent December 30, 2013

My coverage of the NSA’s massive data gathering and attacks on fundamental security technology has been focused on the expected impact on the IT security industry. I was one of the first to publish trepidation a day after the first Snowden report (NSA Surveillance Threatens US Competitiveness, June 7, 2013) and again a week later (Crisis Of Confidence Could Spur Flight From US Tech, June 14, 2013).

Recent events appear to validate my concerns that loss of faith in US tech companies is hurting financial results, at least for the major vendors:

Cisco’s gloomy revenue forecast shows NSA effect starting to hit home

Lawsuit accuses IBM of hiding China risks amid NSA spy scandal

Qualcomm CEO Says NSA Fallout Impacting China Business

Anecdotal evidence from vendors who are being requested to attest to the lack of NSA complicity in their products and data centers indicates that dis-trust is having a wider impact than just major vendors trying to expand in China.

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